About Us

Who We Are

For most of us, cars are more than a mere vehicle. We love them and take pride in having one. Don’t you feel proud and good when your cars shine their best? We do. We believe each car is a unique, ravishing beauty. Keystone Autocare specialised in car detailing helps to transform a nondescript car into a classy showroom piece with an alluring look. Also, a brand new car brought to us will look fresh for many years using the best products with simple tools & processes.

Car Detailing is both our passion and profession. It is the process of cleaning, polishing, restoring and protecting a vehicle’s interior and exterior.

From basic models to premium & luxury segments like BMW, Ferrari and Rolls Royce, etc we have experience in handling all types of cars. In the field for over 14 years, our asset is our highly experienced and talented staff. 

What We Do

Come to us with an old used car and return with a stylish car with a new transformed look. Now, with our expert staff and state-of-the-art technology, the brand new look of your new car can also be retained for many years.

We undertake Mobile Servicing. All you have to do is make a call, fix an appointment and we will be at your doorstep. Detailing of your car will be done in front of you. This saves your time and inconvenience of travel.

Years of trusted service that we have provided has earned us many loyal customers which includes professionals, businessmen, corporate and car enthusiasts.

Why Car Detailing

Besides enhancing the style and look, Car Detailing ensures longer life for your car. It also guarantees a higher resale price and value for the car. In a way, Car Detailing is an additional insurance to protect the beauty and style of your car. 

Why Keystone

We have always been led by customer-first philosophy. Our committed and well experienced staff ensure higher standard of quality in their service. There’s no compromise on the quality of materials used either, hence only products from the best international brands are used. As a policy, all the products that we use are strictly environmental-friendly.

The Founder

The founder of Keystone Autocare Nirmal Narayan is a popular name in the industry. He has been in the automotive field for over 14 years. 

Nirmal has behind him almost a decade of work experience with the world renowned automobile giant Toyota Motor Corporation, Trained in Advanced Detailing from Meguiars, USA, and Technical Training in Japan. His goal is to provide customer centricity that speaks for itself, to build long-lasting relationships, and provide the absolute highest quality work at competitive prices.